• In the present circumstances due to Covid 19, I am unable to offer face to face Psychotherapy or Counselling Sessions. However, I am able to offer therapy remotely on Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Please contact me for further information. Click here for more information COVID-19 Trauma Counselling

    Counselling and Mediation Services in St Neots and covering Alconbury, Bedford, Biggleswade, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Milton Keynes, Sandy, St Ives

    Whilst you may be able to confide in relatives and friends, they may have their own preoccupations, they may be too close to you personally or involved with your situation to advise you objectively.

    You may also feel that there are certain things that you cannot divulge to them. As a trained counsellor, I can help you express your thoughts and feelings without passing judgment. And everything you do say will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    For Counselling in St Neots – I am here to listen to you. If you are considering whether to embark on counselling therapy, being listened to is what you need and want more than anything else.

    I became a counsellor because I believe I have an innate ability to relate positively to people and because I wanted to use this gift and my skills to improve the lives of those who are experiencing unhappiness brought on by the types of issues described in this website.

    Counselling is not to be feared. It is a journey of self-exploration that will enable you to come to terms with the events or problems that are troubling you. I hope you will allow me to accompany you on that journey.

    I operate from two practices. One is situated in St Neots, 7 minutes from St Neots railway station and offering wheelchair access. St Neots is within easy reach of the M1, M11 and A1 and the neighbouring areas of Alconbury, Bedford, Biggleswade, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Milton Keynes, Sandy and St Ives.

    I also practice all types of counselling in partnership with others in Cambridge

    I qualified as a counsellor following a career in business and retail management. Since qualifying I have undertaken a wide range of counselling work, including the establishment of a counselling service for adolescents at two local schools. I continue to counsel privately young adolescents who face the diverse issues of our times and which they find difficult to share with parents or guardians.

    I am multi-lingual and am able to conduct counselling sessions in French, Spanish and Turkish for clients who would feel more comfortable in those languages.


    My website explains :

    • The types of problems with which I deal with, and how counselling could enable you to cope and restore a sense of well being. 
    • My formal qualifications, the counselling methods I use and the ethical standards under which I operate. This will enable you decide whether you are likely to feel comfortable with my approach.
    • The practicalities of making an appointment and setting up your counselling sessions.

    I offer counselling in the following fields:-

    I also offer a Mediation service – I am  a qualified mediation practitioner. Where parties are in dispute, and wish to avoid legal action I offer independent mediation services to assist resolution

    If you would like clarification on anything contained in this site or have not found what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail on deannaseeff@listening2u.com or by telephone on 0208 262 9482 or 07958 666480